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Cervelo P3 | Ultegra 6870 Di2
$5,220.00 - $5,800.00

Re-define your personal boundaries with Cervelo's P3. The geniuses at Cervelo spent countless hours in the wind tunnel, testing, shaping, revising, and testing again, before the P3 took its final shape. A paper-thin, hourglass head tube, airfoil down tube, integrated seat tube, deep rear wheel… [more]

Cervelo P3 | Dura-Ace 9000
$4,860.00 - $5,400.00

Cervelo spent countless hours in the wind tunnel, testing and refining the P3, and it shows with a long list of race wins. This full-carbon speed machine is based on Cervelo's remarkable P5 and it has a shaped and curved cutout seat tube that works with the rear wheel to smooth airflow and minimize… [more]

Colnago CX Zero Disc Ultegra 6800

Colnago has put together a beautiful package in the CX Zero Disc. Reliable and crisp shifting in the form of a mechanical Shimano Ultegra drivetrain, unrelenting brake power from the Shimano mechanical disc brakes, and all day comfort from the advanced carbon frame construction, and endurance… [more]

Cervelo P3 | Ultegra 6800
$3,555.00 - $3,950.00

Yes, it's gorgeous, but the flowing curves of Cervelo's P3 are incidental to its chief aim: abolishing resistance. The aero geniuses at Cervelo spent countless hours in the wind tunnel, testing, shaping, revising, and testing again, before the P3 took its final shape. A paper-thin, hourglass head… [more]

Felt Bicycles F3 | Ultegra 6770 Di2
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (4 Reviews)

When seconds count, Felt's F3 will give you the edge you need to take the day. This full-bore race machine will take your training and racing to the next level with a pro-level frameset and electric shifting. Its full-carbon frame and fork feature unique shaping and sizing for excellent strength,… [more]

Salsa Vaya Travel

Travel and adventure wait around every bend when you're aboard Salsa's Vaya! Salsa's incredible quadruple-butted stainless-steel frame offers an oh-so-smooth ride. And it features S&S couplers for incredibly easy transport, so there's no geographical limit to your adventures. Of course the Vaya's… [more]

Cervelo P3 Frameset
$2,700.00 - $3,000.00

Re-define your personal boundaries with Cervelo's P3 Frameset. The geniuses at Cervelo spent countless hours in the wind tunnel—testing, shaping, revising, and testing again—before the P3 took its final shape. A thin hourglass head tube, airfoil down tube, integrated seat tube, deep rear wheel… [more]

Cervelo S2 | 105 5700
$2,565.00 - $2,850.00

Cervelo's S2 combines aero tubing and stiff, tight geometry for a comfortable, reliable all-rounder. From the rear wheel cutout to the wide seat and down tubes, every aspect of the frame minimizes wind drag—even the position of your water bottles reduces turbulence. Race-ready geometry and the… [more]

Cervelo P2 | 105 5700
$2,520.00 - $2,800.00

Cervelo’s P2 is a TT/triathlon icon that puts superbike performance within reach of any serious athlete from beginner to professional. From the smooth integration of the sleek head tube and sculpted down tube to the wheel cutout, every aspect of this bike defies the wind. In addition to its… [more]

Cervelo R3 | Ultegra 6700

Cervelo's remarkable R3 breaks all the rules. Their monstrous Squoval carbon frame tubes culminate in pencil-thin seatstays for a near-mythic blend of competition-shattering stiffness and cobble-dissolving compliance. Cervelo's refined geometry and tapered carbon fork add to the R3's amazing… [more]

Surly Moonlander
$2,555.50 - $2,690.00
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (3 Reviews)

If you ever looked at miles of mostly unrideable landscape and thought "Huh, I wish I could ride over that," Surly's Moonlander is reason for applause. The chromoly frame was built around humongous 4.8-inch wide tires on Surly Clown Shoe rims. These beautifully large assets are meant to roll over… [more]

Felt Bicycles B12
$1,514.40 - $2,524.00

When you're riding on Felt's B12, be prepared to watch personal records fall! This super-slippery full-carbon speedster delivers maximum velocity with an ultra-narrow frame and components that are practically invisible to the wind. Trick features like internal cable routing, a chainstay-mounted… [more]

Cervelo P2 (105)
$2,040.00 - $2,400.00

There aren’t many bikes that can claim two Ironman Kona championships to their palmares, but Cervelo’s P2 is on that short list with good reason. From the smooth integration of the sleek head tube and sculpted down tube, to the wheel cutout and seamlessly integrated seatpost, every aspect of the… [more]

Felt Bicycles DA4 W - Women's

When seconds count, you can be sure Felt has shaved, sculpted and contoured your way to the finish line with their atom-splitting DA4. Its Advanced-carbon frame, fork and aluminum stem were developed as an integrated unit for incredible aerodynamics and steering precision. And, what's more: the… [more]

Bianchi Vertigo 105
$1,709.10 - $1,899.00

Wed a classic Italian cycling pedigree with contemporary carbon technology, and the Bianchi Vertigo will be the resulting product. The lightweight carbon frame and fork provide an endurance geometry to keep you comfortable for hours at a time, whether you're doing charity rides, centuries, or just… [more]

Felt Bicycles F65X
$1,445.00 - $1,700.00
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Can you hear the cowbells ringing? You will, aboard your Felt F65X. This lightweight do-it-all is ready for the cyclocross course and your commute with a tough, custom-butted 7005-aluminum frame and smooth-riding carbon fork with a tapered steerer. There's even a flat section under the top tube for… [more]

Colnago World Cup Disc | Black - 50cm

he World Cup Disc frame shares every aspect with the Colnago Prestige except the frame material: the World Cup is aluminum, the Prestige is in carbon. The two frames share the exact same geometry, yet the World Cup offers one more size - 48. The aluminum tubes are double-butted, lightweight, and… [more]

Felt Bicycles Z85
$1,215.00 - $1,350.00
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (13 Reviews)

Felt's Z85 delivers epic road riding fun. Its lightweight butted-aluminum frame and vibration-damping carbon fork make riding efficient and enjoyable, while the smart component spec offers outstanding performance and value, too. The Mavic/Felt wheels and tires feel light as a feather and get up to… [more]

Yeti Cycles SB-66 alloy Frame with rear shock

Yeti's super bike, the SB-66 is a 6-inch frame that goes up like an XC bike and descends like a freeride rig. Yeti's Switch technology uses the first 100mm of its travel for small bumps, then opens up when things get hectic. All that travel is completely independent of pedaling forces or rider… [more]

Salsa El Mariachi SS

Wanted: devoted rider with a yearning for a real, direct connection. Must enjoy mountaintop sunsets, loamy dirt, and the rhythmic flow of the trail. Signed, Salsa's El Mariachi SS. This singlespeed ripper begins with Salsa's triple-butted Kung Fu Chromoly frame for a buttery-smooth ride. Big… [more]

Felt Bicycles ZW95 - Women's
$810.00 - $900.00

For more road fun than you might have thought was possible, Felt's ZW95 boasts a light, efficient, and nimble-handling custom-butted aluminum frame and carbon fork. It lets you climb with ease, corner with confidence, and easily ride farther than ever. It's also equipped with fast-spinning wheels,… [more]

Felt Bicycles Z100
$720.00 - $800.00
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (2 Reviews)

Felt's Z100 makes riding more fun than ever with an agile aluminum frame, carbon fork, and go-fast geometry that'll call you to ride. Its easy-spinning 700c wheels roll with the effortless ease only road bikes can manage. Fun-enhancing touches include Shimano shifting with a sweet, wide-range… [more]

Felt Bicycles F95 Jr.

Give your aspiring racer a leg up with Felt's junior-sized F95! They'll love the agile, butted-aluminum frame and carbon fork that offer a quick, comfortable ride to help them ride their best. The parts package is excellent with a wide-range FSA crankset, a smooth-shifting Shimano/Microshift… [more]

23 Results